Transforming your brand ideas into reality

We are Develop Kreativity – a team of creative individuals based in Cebu City dedicated to transform ideas into reality something creative.


As a closely bonded team of creative individuals, we come together to conceive, design, and build websites, digital experiences, native applications, and pretty much everything that not only captivates but also stirs profound emotions in the hearts of our audience, leaving them with unforgettable memories.

Our beliefs

We are firm believers in the transformative force of honesty and openness. These values underpin our ability to craft exquisite and profound work that ignites inspiration in others. We recognize that without beauty, motivation wanes, and without meaning, purpose is elusive.

Our priority is also to develop long-term relationships with our clients that are based on trust and mutual respect. This approach allows us to gain a better understanding, plan more effectively, and execute with greater precision. Our team is dedicated to supporting our clients at each phase, guaranteeing that we offer not only results but perfection.

Why us

Collaboration is the key

We place a strong emphasis on communication and transparency throughout every phase of our projects, ensuring a premium client experience from project inception to completion. Our experience working with startups has enhanced our agility, while our collaborations with enterprise companies have honed our project management expertise.

Our work is future-proof

We design with scalability and long-term sustainability in mind, aligning seamlessly with your enduring business goals. In our portfolio, you’ll find numerous websites and products that have thrived untouched for over 5 years, a testament to the future-proof quality of our work.


People over profit

At Develop Kreativity, we place people first, not profits. We prioritize our employees, customers, and community by delivering top-quality products and services, maintaining transparency, and promptly addressing customer feedback. We understand the importance of businesses for economic growth, but never at the expense of people’s well-being.

Kenneth Manatad
⎯ Founder & CEO
⎯ Co-founder & Project lead
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Awards and recognition

We have passion in what we do and we let it speak for itself

We’re doing our best to achieve awards and recognition. We’ll share and celebrate it with you once we have one.

Our services

The integration delivers results at every touchpoint

We dive deep into our clients’ needs, delivering consumer insights that resonate with evolving culture and crafting data-driven marketing plans and cohesive narratives, often preempting their requests.